PORTFOLIO - Stefan Heinrich (Character Artist / 3D Artist)PORTFOLIO - Stefan Heinrich (Character Artist / 3D Artist)

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Stefan Heinrich

Character Artist / 3D Artist


My name is Stefan Heinrich. I'm a Character Artist / 3D Artist specialising in highpoly modelling, sculpting, texturing and creating game-ready characters and assets.

I am 29 years old and have contributed to three shipped titles and one unshipped one so far.

I got over 5 years of professional work experience.

I can work in different styles and adapt to new technologies quickly.

English is fluent in writing and speech.

I have worked in many fields already including environment art and level design.

Coming from a technical background (diploma) helps me to better understand the inner workings of a 3d framework and thus create better performing assets. During my studies I also learned about visual arts, media science, audio and video design, marketing and various other disciplines. This helps communicating and working together with people in different fields of game development.

I am currently looking for fulltime or freelance work and I'm willing to relocate.


University of Applied Sciences Furtwangen, Germany, 2002-2007

Diploma in Computer Science in Media

Focused heavily on 3D art. Diploma thesis dealing with Realtime CG Graphics.

Work experience

Parabellum 2007-present (Acony Games)
FPS Game (Unreal 3 Engine)
Role: Senior Character Artist / 3D Artist

  • Producing character art, firstperson assets and hero assets.
  • Created the character art pipeline and trained other artists.
  • Designed the character customization system for color and geometry customization (prototyping, implementation, documentation).
  • Designed the weapon customization system for material and geometry customization (prototyping, implementation, documentation).
  • Link to website

The Show 2006 (16tons Entertainment)
RTS Game (Vision Engine)
Role: Texture Artist / Freelance Lead

  • contract work, leading a small team of 5 artists total.
  • Responsible for texturing and task planning of the RTS buildings of the game.
  • Link to website

Gothic 3 2005 (Piranha Bytes)
RPG Game (In-House Engine)
Role: Junior Creature Artist / Junior Prop Artist

  • Half a year internship making various art assets for the RPG game:
  • Lowpoly modelling and texturing of many creatures, animals, world props and characters.
  • Offered me a permanent position.
  • Link to website

Gotcha! the Game 2003-2004 (16tons Entertainment)
FPS Game (Vision Engine)
Role: Junior Level Designer / Junior Texture Artist

  • Half a year internship, level design, lighting and texturing along with some SFX.
  • Offered me a permanent position.
  • Link to website


  • Highpoly sculpting
  • Subdivision highpoly modelling
  • Unreal 3 Engine knowledge
  • Lowpoly modelling
  • Texturing with normal maps, specular maps, ...
  • Texturing diffuse map only
  • Character and weapon design
  • Programming and shader knowledge


  • zBrush
  • 3DS Max
  • Photoshop
  • Mudbox
  • Crazybump
  • XNormal
  • Perforce
  • SVN
  • TestTrack


Stefan Heinrich
Cannstatter Str. 70
D-78054 Villingen-Schwenningen

homepage: http://www.stefanheinrich.com
email: mail@stefanheinrich.com
phone: +49 157 71 48 57 94
skype: s.heinrich.1982
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanheinrich



All artwork (c) Stefan Heinrich unless stated otherwise. Impressum (german)